Does Shopee Singapore Deliver to Malaysia?

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Does Shopee Singapore Deliver to Malaysia?

Shopee, the popular e-commerce platform, has gained tremendous popularity in Southeast Asia over the past few years. With its user-friendly interface, extensive product range, and attractive deals, Shopee has become the go-to online shopping destination for many consumers. However, if you are a resident of Malaysia, you may wonder if Shopee Singapore is able to deliver products to your doorstep. In this article, we will delve into this question and provide you with all the information you need.

Can Shopee Singapore deliver to Malaysia?

Unfortunately, as of now, Shopee Singapore does not offer direct delivery to Malaysia. This means that if you reside in Malaysia, you will not be able to have your products delivered directly from Shopee Singapore. This restriction is mainly due to logistical challenges and the differences in shipping regulations between the two countries.

Alternatives for Malaysian Shopee Shoppers

While direct delivery from Shopee Singapore may not be available, there are several alternatives for Malaysian shoppers who still wish to enjoy the benefits of shopping on Shopee. One popular option is Shopee Malaysia, which is a separate platform specifically designed to cater to the Malaysian market. Shopee Malaysia offers a wide range of products, great deals, and delivery services across Malaysia.

Another alternative is to utilize cross-border delivery services. These services act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller, allowing you to shop from international platforms and have your purchases delivered to your Malaysian address. Companies such as Ezbuy and Buyandship are well-known for providing these cross-border delivery services, making it convenient for Malaysian shoppers to access a wider range of products from various international platforms, including Shopee Singapore.

Benefits of Shopping on Shopee Singapore

Although Shopee Singapore may not directly deliver to Malaysia, there are still several advantages to shopping on the Singapore platform. Firstly, Shopee Singapore offers a vast selection of unique and specialty products that may not be easily found on other platforms. This gives shoppers access to a wider range of choices, especially when it comes to niche or imported products.

Secondly, Shopee Singapore often runs exclusive promotions and discounts that are not available on other Shopee platforms. These deals can help you save money and enjoy great value for your purchases. Additionally, some sellers on Shopee Singapore may offer better prices or unique items not found on Shopee Malaysia.


While Shopee Singapore does not currently offer direct delivery to Malaysia, there are still plenty of options for Malaysian consumers who wish to shop on Shopee. Using Shopee Malaysia or cross-border delivery services opens up a world of products and deals for Malaysian shoppers. With a wide range of choices and the convenience of online shopping, Shopee remains a popular e-commerce platform in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

So, if you are in Malaysia and keen to explore Shopee’s extensive product range, don’t let the delivery restrictions discourage you. Utilize the alternatives mentioned and start enjoying the benefits of shopping on Shopee today.

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