Does Silpada Deliver to Canada?

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If you’ve been eyeing those beautiful Silpada jewelry pieces and you’re a Canadian resident, you may be wondering whether Silpada delivers to Canada. Silpada is a renowned jewelry brand known for its high-quality sterling silver pieces, and it’s no surprise that Canadians are eager to add them to their collection. In this article, we will explore whether Silpada delivers to Canada, as well as any additional information you need to know before making a purchase.

Does Silpada Deliver to Canada?

The good news is, yes, Silpada does deliver to Canada! Canadian customers can now enjoy the convenience of having their favorite Silpada pieces shipped directly to their doorstep. The brand has expanded its reach over the years and recognizes the significant demand from the Canadian market. Whether you reside in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, or any other province or territory, you can have your Silpada jewelry delivered to you hassle-free.

Shipping Process and Timeframe

When it comes to shipping to Canada, Silpada ensures a seamless process for its customers. Once you place your order, Silpada typically processes and ships it within one to two business days. However, it is essential to note that international shipping may take slightly longer than domestic shipping within the United States. The shipping timeframe can vary depending on the delivery location and any potential customs delays. Silpada provides estimated shipping times during the checkout process, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Shipping Charges and Customs

While Silpada is happy to deliver its stunning jewelry to Canada, it is important to be aware that shipping charges and customs fees may apply. During the checkout process, Silpada calculates your shipping charges based on your location. As for customs fees, they are determined by the Canadian government and are the responsibility of the customer. These fees are separate from the shipping charges and are intended to cover duties and taxes imposed on imported goods. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with your local customs regulations to avoid any surprises upon delivery.

Returns and Exchanges

Silpada is known for its exceptional customer service, and that extends to its Canadian customers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Silpada purchase, the brand offers a hassle-free return and exchange process. You can simply contact their customer service within 60 days of your purchase to initiate the return or exchange procedure. However, it is worth noting that return shipping fees may apply, and any previous customs fees paid are non-refundable. Silpada places great importance on customer satisfaction and strives to ensure that their customers are happy with their purchases.


In conclusion, Silpada does deliver to Canada, allowing residents to enjoy their stunning jewelry collections without any hassle. With a smooth shipping process, estimated delivery times, and a hassle-free return and exchange policy, Silpada seeks to provide exceptional service to its Canadian customers. It is important to be aware of potential shipping charges and customs fees, which are separate from the product’s cost. Silpada has made it possible for Canadian jewelry enthusiasts to adorn themselves with their favorite sterling silver pieces, making Silpada an excellent choice for those in search of quality and style.

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