Does Skims Deliver to Philippines?

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Skims, the popular shapewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian West, has gained immense popularity worldwide. From its comfortable and inclusive range of undergarments to its innovative designs, Skims has become a go-to for many individuals looking to accentuate their natural curves. However, the question remains: does Skims deliver to the Philippines? In this article, we will explore the possibilities of receiving Skims products in the Philippines and how to go about ordering from this coveted brand.

Can You Get Skims Delivered to the Philippines?

Skims has expanded its global reach over the years, and fortunately, they do indeed deliver to the Philippines. Whether you reside in one of the bustling metropolitan cities of Manila or Cebu, or in a more remote area, you can enjoy the convenience of ordering Skims from the comfort of your own home. This means that Filipinos can now access the brand’s wide range of shapewear and loungewear without having to rely on overseas trips or intermediaries.

How to Order Skims in the Philippines

Ordering Skims in the Philippines is relatively straightforward and can be done through the official Skims website. Simply visit the website, select the desired items from their extensive collection, and proceed to the checkout page. During the checkout process, you will have the option to input your shipping address, including your location within the Philippines. Skims uses reliable shipping carriers to ensure secure and timely delivery of your order.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Time

While Skims offers international shipping to the Philippines, it is worth noting that additional costs may apply. Shipping fees typically depend on the weight of the package and the delivery location. These costs will be calculated at the checkout stage, giving you a transparent view of the total expenses. The delivery time can vary depending on factors such as customs clearance and any unforeseen circumstances, but generally, you can expect your Skims order to arrive within a reasonable timeframe.

Customs and Import Duties

As with any international shipment, there is a possibility of customs and import duties being levied on your Skims order. These charges are determined by the Philippine customs authority and vary based on the declared value of the items you ordered. It is advisable to check the current customs regulations and fees in the Philippines to have a better understanding of any potential charges you may encounter. Being aware of these additional costs can help you avoid any surprises upon delivery.

Returns and Exchanges

Skims has a straightforward return and exchange policy, which is applicable to orders delivered to the Philippines as well. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or if you have received a defective item, you can request a return or exchange within a specified timeframe. However, it is important to note that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Before initiating a return or exchange, carefully read the terms and conditions outlined on the Skims website to ensure a smooth process.


In conclusion, Skims does deliver to the Philippines, allowing Filipinos to enjoy the comfort and style that the brand offers. Whether you are looking for a seamless undergarment or a cozy loungewear set, you can have Skims products delivered right to your doorstep. By following the simple ordering process on the official Skims website, you can easily select your favorite items and have them shipped to your desired location within the Philippines. Remember to familiarize yourself with any potential customs and import duties that may be applied and to review Skims’ return and exchange policies for a hassle-free shopping experience. With Skims now accessible in the Philippines, enhancing your natural curves has never been easier.

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