Does Sleep Number Deliver to Canada?

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Sleep Number, one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the United States, offers an extensive range of sleep solutions tailored to meet individual needs. With their innovative technology and customizable features, Sleep Number mattresses have gained popularity among sleep enthusiasts. However, for those residing in Canada, a burning question often arises: Does Sleep Number deliver to Canada? In this article, we will explore the delivery options Sleep Number provides for Canadian customers, ensuring you have all the information you need before making a purchase.

Sleep Number’s International Delivery Policy

Sleep Number understands the global demand for their products and strives to meet the needs of their international clientele. However, when it comes to delivery to Canada, Sleep Number’s policies might leave some potential customers disappointed. As of now, Sleep Number does not offer direct shipping to Canada. But fret not! There are alternative options available that allow Canadian customers to enjoy the benefits of a Sleep Number mattress.

Purchasing through a Border Mail Service

One viable solution for Canadians wanting to purchase a Sleep Number mattress is to use a border mail service. These services provide a shipping address within the United States where customers can have their Sleep Number mattress delivered. Once the mattress reaches the address, the border mail service will then ship it to the customer’s Canadian address. This option ensures that Canadian customers can experience the comfort and features of a Sleep Number mattress.

Personal Pickup at a Sleep Number Store

Another option for Canadian customers is to personally pick up their Sleep Number mattress at a Sleep Number store located near the US-Canada border. Canadian customers can place an order online and choose a store that is conveniently located for them. Once the mattress arrives at the chosen store, customers can make the trip to collect it. While this option requires some additional effort, it allows customers to ensure a hassle-free and secure delivery process.

Benefits of Purchasing Through an Alternative Delivery Method

Although purchasing through a border mail service or picking up from a Sleep Number store near the border might involve extra steps, there are several benefits that make it a worthy endeavor for Canadian customers. Firstly, these alternative options ensure that Canadian customers do not miss out on the exceptional sleep experience provided by Sleep Number mattresses. Additionally, by purchasing through these channels, customers can often take advantage of discounts and promotions available exclusively to US customers.


While Sleep Number does not directly deliver to Canada, there are alternative options available for Canadian customers who are eager to experience the comfort and technology of Sleep Number mattresses. By utilizing a border mail service or personally picking up from a Sleep Number store near the US-Canada border, Canadian customers can overcome the limitations of direct shipping. These alternative delivery methods ensure that Canadian customers can enjoy the benefits of a Sleep Number mattress, making a good night’s sleep within reach for everyone, regardless of their location.

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