Does Smileactives Deliver to Canada?

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Smileactives is a renowned teeth whitening brand that has gained popularity across the United States. Known for its effective and innovative products, Smileactives has left many Canadians wondering whether it delivers to Canada. In this article, we will dive into the question of whether Smileactives delivers to Canada and explore the options available for those living north of the border.

Exploring Smileactives Delivery Options

Smileactives, unfortunately, does not currently offer direct delivery to Canada. This may come as a disappointment to many Canadians who have heard about the brand’s exceptional teeth whitening products and were eager to try them. However, this doesn’t mean that Canadians cannot get their hands on Smileactives products. There are alternative ways to access their offerings.

Online Retailers

One option for Canadians who wish to purchase Smileactives products is to browse through various online retailers. Several reputable online platforms offer Smileactives products and ship to Canada. These retailers often provide a wide range of Smileactives products, ensuring that Canadians have access to the same selection as their American counterparts.

Third-Party Shipping Services

Another alternative for Canadians is utilizing third-party shipping services, often referred to as package forwarding services. These services provide a unique shipping address within the United States, allowing Canadians to order from Smileactives or any other American retailer. Once the package arrives at the provided U.S. address, the shipping service then forwards it to the customer’s Canadian address. While this option may involve additional fees, it grants Canadians the ability to access Smileactives products without restrictions.

Considerations and Customs

When using third-party shipping services or ordering from online retailers, it is crucial to consider potential customs regulations and fees. Depending on the value of the products ordered, customers may be subject to customs duties and taxes upon entry into Canada. It is advisable to familiarize oneself with the customs regulations of the country to avoid any unexpected charges or delays in receiving the desired Smileactives products.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Despite the limitations and additional steps involved, many Canadians have successfully obtained Smileactives products. The brand’s reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality products has resonated with consumers across the border. Numerous satisfied Canadian customers have left positive reviews, highlighting the effectiveness of Smileactives teeth whitening products and expressing their satisfaction with the alternative delivery options available.


While Smileactives does not currently offer direct delivery to Canada, Canadians can still access their coveted teeth whitening products through online retailers and third-party shipping services. With options available to suit various needs and budgets, Canadian consumers are not left behind when it comes to Smileactives. By exploring alternative delivery methods, Canadians can enjoy the benefits of this reputable brand and achieve radiant smiles.

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